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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  May 23, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> good evening. we begin in thailand come a country where the constitution has been suspended, tv and radio stations are only to broadcast military enactments and a nighttime curfew has been imposed on the capital bangkok. in a move that has drawn criticism from the u.n. and the u.s.. the former prime minister was removed from office earlier on this month currently being held.
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>> invited for talks men arrested. be knowing she would detained. she along with 154 of us have been suspended. to neutralize opposition to tuesday's two. week, the armies wasted no time cementing its grip on power. student protesters turned out on friday and a majority of the under martial law. >> after reconsidering, i realized military protection makes me safe.
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>> i don't feel anything. it was just a matter of when. they have no immediate plans for protests. unlike the previous army two, they will not react as costly to this week's military takeover. >> the economy appears to be holding up reasonably well despite a drop in revenue. soldiers patrol the capital of bangkok after a military coup. but for many, it is business as usual. >> the soldiers have come out and brought order to the situation. >> while the thai people take it
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in stride, the economy has taken a hit. national economic and social development board announced first quarter gdp fell by .6% from a year earlier. manufacturing declined 2.7%. all the political unrest has taken a toll on thailand's $74 billion tourism sector. cancellations will cut. authorities revising a 2.5% forecast, a disappointing
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from the world bank as one of the developments major success stories. >> a strong anti-you message. they began casting ballots in the u.k. and it was conducted on thursday. they appear to have stumbled in that election in anti-yoeu anti-islam hardy, projected to
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have been beaten in fourth place. for more analysis on the rise of the far right in europe, a specialist on this very topic at kent university in the united kingdom. very much for speaking to us. what is the appeal. >> what we are seeing in recent times. this is kind of a classic that youn recent times
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have the traditional left labor this kind of anti-politic. the rationale from france. -- a numberecially of countries across europe.
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the you think of these various far right parties across europe stand any chance of organizing themselves to working together. >> i think one of the stumbling is the ideological spectrum. economic policies are very different. one of the main stumbling blocks. it is quite problematic and difficult.
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i think we had kind of an .greement were are stumbling blocks the main liquidators disagree. >> thank you so much for your analysis. full results are due on sunday after all 28 nations in the european elections. the key step towards resolving the country's crisis. the protest went on to result in the ouster of the former president. smashing a ballot boxes earlier on.
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vladimir putin says that moscow he can.k with whoever >> will respect the choice of the ukrainian people. we will work today with those that control the country. we will work with the newly elected structure. >> the defense ministry in kiev issued a statement earlier on today. they come under attack from hundreds of insurgents with 20 other rebels killed.
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>> [indiscernible] attack and a big northwest of here, there was another ambush. >> foreign editor rob parsons from the east of ukraine. other stories from france 24, the sense of the international criminal court, the warlord handed a 12 year jail term for his part in an ethnically motivated attack leading back to 2003. a village in the northeastern congo where some 200 people were
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hacked to death with machetes. it is only the second ever conviction by the icc. and a water spring. officials in the mexican capital want to extend the main water supply to that village residents say it is just an excuse to seize control of the spring water. the gunmen that killed seven people last year could join the ranks of fighters in war-torn syria. crossed into syria from neighboring turkey. campaign has wrapped up in egypt.
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already regarded by many egyptians as the de facto leader faces just one challenger in the polls. track tory is now on be ruled by a strongman. his main present in the past , he had notign appeared in public, worried about his safety. he faces just one challenger. they have already made their allegiance clear. >> he has 296,728 votes, 94.5%. >> campaigning for development and employment, it seems the popular choice.
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back to those that overthrow the ,uslim brotherhood president it's all 1.5 thousand supporters killed last summer and thousands more jailed. the leader is representing a return from the left-wing former journalist who is the only option for those that want a civilian president. he has campaigned in favor of citizens rights. not convinced by either candidate, they spearheaded the 2011 revolution and called for a boycott. >> far from being fair and transparent, having one afterate in the elections he was already ruining egypt behind the curtain. the muslim brotherhood and
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its allies are also boycotting the election. >> a reminder of our top stories. martial law in thailand, 24 hours after seizing power. the detained members of the ousted government and former prime minister. casting their ballots, anti-brussels parties. violence in eastern ukraine. time for a check on top business news stories. the russian president slamming western sanctions. >> vladimir putin is talking tough against the west, warned that sanctions might backfire on
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western countries. he was speaking to business leaders at the saint petersburg economic forum. heading for recession as investors are pulling their money out of the country. he would respect the outcome of the ukraine presidential election this weekend. morning about the possible sanctions on russia backfiring. isn't it obvious that economic sanctions is a tool of political pressure in the modern world. >> the prospect of a western
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businessis weighing on morale in germany. it came in lower than expected this month. toslipped more than expected 110.4. they hit a wall after a strong first quarter. it was seen as disappointment for the stock market and capping the european trading. being 100 in the british capital , before the main stock market ended. in the united states this hour, they are gaining ground.
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hewlett-packard shares traded higher but it will be speeding 16firings to cut as many as as part of the turnaround. the transatlantic free-trade deal. as well as the economy of the united states. deal would undermine food standards. pointsthe main sticking as we found out. >> we asked people all over america were the best potatoes come from.
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>> and the signature industry represented at the negotiations by a man who wears his colors with pride. and this is what we all hear about. negotiators that has a g.i. system and a compatible way. the exclusive right to use a product origin in its name, one of countless details that might be a final deal. this is a typical scene.
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>> they have an agenda of pushing down the better standards, which is mainly european consumer environmental standards. >> on the left american and behind closed doors. >> the financial authority punished the lender for having lax internal controls. they found a single trader has been able to manipulate the prices. the senior barclays was fined for interest rates.
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and the wto has moved against china. 2011case stems back to introducing imports. worth $8.5 million. that is the business news. >> this is what is going on in the french riviera.
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>> a man is far from a stranger to the festival shores. time, the irish historical drama with the longtime screenwriting partner. >> [indiscernible] >> it is not just a building. it is what we are. >> great human beings. >> it is a little bit the winds that shake the interview today. this is the 12th time, i think.
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>> it is always nerve-racking. they are desperately anxious. it is a place you come to if you're lucky. >> it is a mile away from the subject of your films. on from the claim of the wind that shakes the barley. tell us what the film is about. they open the dance hall in ireland, 1920, 1921.
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towas a place for people dance, to learn, to exchange the ideas. the church closed it down. they came back 10 years later. >> come in, father. you're welcome. >> who the hell do you think you are? running classes without my permission. >> education is the exclusive reserve of holy mother church.
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>> i think fair to say that he is not so very well known. you had a hard time finding him? writer manyovely years ago in nicaragua. talking about this local man. him, theg related to official paperwork is destroyed. not just what he stood for and his ideas but they wanted to crush his entire memories. dates and they try to crush the local landlords. said iterstand that you was parallel to jimmy's story. what do you mean? >> hopefully people will .nderstand it is near ireland
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very conservative landowners. in china just now, he was a very popular man. when he criticized the communist party, what did he do? they came and crushed him. i think it is pretty universal. artbout learning and about and countries where women try to get an education suffer terribly. the girls that have been kidnapped, nevermind those that just want to learn. i think we in the west should feel smug. if the establishment feels threatenedgg99ññwççñmw
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